Are you homeless or experiencing a housing crisis? Please connect with CSEI’s Housing Helpline at 833-587-8322.

Housing Helpline for Delaware & Dubuque Counties

If you’re in homeless or experiencing a housing crisis, our staff can talk with you about your situation, connect you with resources, and help you make a plan. Please call 833.587.8322 to speak with a member of our Housing Helpline team. If you’re unable to access a phone, you can provide a request for resources through the Iowa Housing Help Portal to get connected to us.

Survivors of Violence

If you are a survivor of violence, please call Friends of the Family at 319.233.3094 to access services and resources specific to those experiencing sexual assault, partner violence, or human trafficking.


If you are seeking shelter, please contact one of our regional homeless shelters:

Dubuque Rescue Mission

Shelter for adult men, offers resources for transgender and non-binary adults.
398 Main St, Dubuque
(563) 583-1394

Almost Home

Shelter for men with children, or two-parent families if space allows.
1276 White St, Dubuque
(563) 583-6572

YWCA Emergency Shelter

Shelter for women survivors of intimate partner violence and other violent crimes.
(563) 556-1100

Theresa Shelter

Shelter for adults identifying as women and their children.
1111 Bluff St, Dubuque
(563) 690-0086

Food, Clothes, Health, and Other Resources

If you need other resources, click your preferred language for your county below to check out our community resource cards.

Dubuque County Resource Cards

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Delaware County Resource Cards

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