Are you homeless or experiencing a housing crisis? Please connect with CSEI’s Housing Helpline at 833-587-8322.

Our Mission

CSEI promotes and encourages public well-being; provides homeless prevention resources to those living in poverty and threatened with homelessness; helps individuals and families survive and exit homelessness; and expands opportunities and empowers people to be self-sufficient in east central Iowa cities and counties.

CSEI has three key programs, all which serve individuals and families experiencing a housing crisis in critical ways.

CSEI values collaborative partnerships to reach our goals, and this includes the diversity of knowledge and experience provided by our leadership and team. Check out our Leadership to learn more about our board of directors and view CSEI’s Strategic Plan.

CSEI works to ensure that our dollars serve our community efficiently. Thanks to our funding partners, we are able to dedicate over 80% of our budget to directly assisting individuals and families experiencing homelessness or a housing crisis through direct financial assistance, items to meet basic needs, planning services, and intensive case management. Click here to view our annual Impact Report.

CSEI is a nonprofit subsidiary of the East Central Intergovernmental Association (ECIA).